We are on a mission to create premium tools and accessories for tabletop RPGs that meld the print and digital worlds into one seamless experience.


Table-top games and video games are Austen's jam. It was his love for video games that drove him to become a programmer, and now he is using those skills to bridge the gap between table-top games and technology. For his day job, Aust works as a full-stack web developer with a PHP back-end and a vanilla JavaScript front-end. At home he works hard teaching his 2-year-old the ways of gaming and his 9-week-old the ways of sleeping. ZZzzz


Nathan is a passionate designer, entrepreneur, and DM. His first successful Kickstarter, Dungeon Explore Card Deck, taught him a lot about creating, managing, and delivering a product. Professionally, Nathan designs mobile applications and is always looking for ways to bring technology into his hobbies. The idea to create NPC For Hire came from not being satisfied with the current digital tools for creating and using believable NPCs in his current 5e campaign.

You can find his RPG tile art in the Roll20 marketplace and his blog at MakerGames.net.