Adoni Blades

In the Ilfelin tongue, “Adoni” roughly translates to “Master of or Maker of Peace.” Before the kingdom’s fall, the word was used as a title and was given to the races most exceptional artisans, thinkers, builders, and warriors. Many outsiders mistakenly believed the Adoni to be an order of knights that protected Ilfelin homelands. While the order was charged to defend their kingdom, they didn’t do it as the Knights of Vasteel might have with shiny armor, valiant steeds, and flowing banners. The Adoni used their skills as craftsman and scholars to build the kingdom and preserve its legacy. 

Each member of the Adoni was given a sword to represent their commitment to the order (this may be where the misconception of them being warriors arose). Upon initiation, the Adoni covenanted that if their effort to preserve the kingdom through diplomacy, scholarship, art, and leadership were to fail, they would take up their blades to preserve the kingdom. 

In the end, the members of the Adoni were called to take up arms, but their effort was not enough to save their people. Few Adoni escaped the devastation of Ilfelin. Those that survived continue to safeguard their people’s culture as best they can.

Blade of the Laborer 

Blades of the Laborer are the most humble and most common Adoni Blades. While they have little ornamentation and often show considerable wear, they give off an aura of strength and humility unparalleled by other weapons. 

For a Master Laborer, the Adoni Blade was a tool to be used to build the Ilfelin homelands. The sharp blades were commonly employed to clear trees and plow the earth. Few workers could keep up with a Master Laborer when they unsheathed their blade. 


While attuned to this blade, your Strength Score increases by 2 up to a maximum of 20, and you have advantage on Strength saving throws.  

As an action, you can transform the blade into any Artisan’s tools. While the blade is in this form, you are proficient with the chosen Artisan’s tools. If you are already proficient with it, double your bonus. You cannot make attacks with the blade while it is in the form of an Artisan’s tools. 

Additionally, you can use an action to create an illusory magical handcart. The handcart is 3 feet by 3 feet and can be easily pulled by a single person. It allows you to move up to 600 lbs without penalty. Attempting to move more than 600 lbs causes your speed to drop to 5 feet. The cart cannot carry more than 1200 lbs. It has 20 hit points, and you must use an action to dismiss it. 

Rarity: Legendary

Requires: Attunement

Blade of the Dancer 

Dance is regarded by the Ilfelin people as the pinnacle of expression. They gave the Adoni Dance Masters elevated positions on the ancient High Council and relied on them as communicators and motivators. Often times they were called on as diplomats. 

A Blade of the Dance was a powerful instrument in the hands of an Adoni Master. While its edge didn’t typically strike flesh, its grace often cut deep into hearts. 


While attuned to this blade, your Dexterity Score increases by 2 up to a maximum of 20, and you have advantage on Dexterity saving throws.  

As an action, you can perform one of the following dances. You can sustain each dance for 10 minutes. While dancing, you cannot make attacks. You can stop dancing at any time. 

Dance of Wonder: Choose 4 creatures within 60 feet that can see you. Each creature must make a Wisdom saving throw (DC 12 + your Dexterity modifier). If a creature fails the saving throw, it is Stunned. At the end of each turn, a Stunned creature can attempt a Wisdom saving throw. The condition ends when they succeed on the Saving throw, they take damage, or you stop dancing. 

Dance of Life: Choose 4 creatures within 60 feet that can see you. Each creature gains 20 temporary hit points. The hit points are lost when you stop dancing. 

Dance of the Acrobat: Once per day, you can choose 4 willing creatures to join you in this dance. While dancing, they gain +4 to all Acrobatics (Dexterity) checks, but cannot make any attacks. At any time they can choose to stop dancing. The bonus is lost if you stop dancing.

Rarity: Legendary

Requires: Attunement

Blade of the Judge

In Vasteel, the hammer is seen as a symbol of justice. In Ilfelin, it’s the sword. This symbolism originates from the Adoni Judges who used their blades to bind oaths and bless unions. 

It is said that a promise made while holding an Adoni blade grants power to the oath maker and is destined to succeed; the only alternative is madness.  


While attuned to this weapon, your Wisdom Score increases by 2 up to a maximum of 20, and you have advantage on Wisdom saving throws.  

You can use this blade to create a magical pact between you and another creature. You cannot make a pact with a creature that you or your companions have attacked or have been openly hostile towards. 

To create the pact, the creature must willingly speak the words of an oath while you both hold the hilt of the sword.  Once a promise has been made, the creature must fulfill the oath to the best of their ability. 

While a creature is bound by such oath,  they receive a pool of 6d6 that can be added to any ability check, Attack roll, or saving throw that would progress them toward fulfilling that pact. The creature regains 1 expended dice every day at dawn up to a maximum of 6.

The pact lasts until the oath is completed or the terms can no longer be fulfilled. In either case, the creature no longer gains any of the pact’s benefits. For every 30 days that the pact goes unfulfilled, the creature suffers one effect of Indefinite Madness.

Rarity: Legendary

Requires: Attunement

Blade of the Historian 

Most of the Adoni Masters that escaped the destruction of their lands were the historians. Their charge was and continues to be the preservation of their people’s legacy. While their efforts have been noble, there are gaping holes in their collective memory. Much of what made the Ilfelin people great has been lost. 

The remaining Adoni historians endure in their quest to chronicle their race’s past and preserve their future. Their blades are an integral part of their work. 


While attuned to this weapon, your Intelligence Score increases by 2 up to a maximum of 20, and you have advantage on Intelligence saving throws.   

You can use the blade to view another creature’s past. You cannot perform this action on a creature that you or your companions have attacked or have been openly hostile towards.

To perform this action, touch a creature with the sword. For every 10 minutes that you hold the sword to the creature, you see 1 day into their past, including the places they’ve been, the conversations they’ve had, and the people they’ve interacted with. You do not learn the creature’s thoughts or have any external context for their actions. 

As you remain connected to the creature, you continue to replay their life in reverse day by day. For every 12 hours you spend in contact, you and the creature gain one level of exhaustion. 

The creature knows you are looking into their past. If the sword breaks contact, you are unable to perform this action on the creature again for 1d6 days.

Rarity: Legendary

Requires: Attunement

Blade of the Leader 

Adoni Masters favored illusion as a compelling leadership technique. Their methods ranged from thundering voice commands to manifestations of fallen heroes. Many philosophers of the time argued that this was trickery and a kind of false authority. The Adoni countered that all power is predicated on perception and if their assertions could bolster and encourage their people to do good, then that was their right. 

The Blade of the Leader is a manifestation of the Adoni leadership philosophy. While its influence over friends is persuasion and motivation, its effect on enemies is fear and misdirection.       


While attuned to this weapon, your Charisma Score increases by 2 up to a maximum of 20, and you have advantage on Charisma saving throws.  

As an action, you can create an illusory medium-sized steward. You can have up to three active stewards at a time. Whenever a friendly creature within 10 feet of a steward makes a saving throw or skill check, they can add +1 to their roll. The benefit is compounded for each steward within range up to a maximum of +3. Additionally, if you are within 10 feet of a steward, you gain advantage on all Persuasion (Charisma) checks. 

You cannot make attacks while a steward is active. As an action, you can dismiss one or all of the active stewards. You cannot create another steward again for 1d12 days after a steward is dismissed.

Stewards can move up to 30 feet and can be given simple commands. They can’t Attack, activate magical items, or carry more than 10 pounds. Stewards have hit points equal to your Charisma score. If they fall below 0 hit points, their illusion shatters, and they are dismissed.

Rarity: Legendary

Requires: Attunement

Category: Magic Items

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