Armor of the Valden Priests

The Valden Priests lived on the frontier of the Vast Kingdom when the realm was still in its infancy. The holy church fought not just to defend the ways virtue and light, but also to preserve their homes and families. It is said that there has never been a more noble and upright group of warriors in the kingdom.

The Vestments of the clergy were not robes and girdles. The Valden Priests wore armor, boots, and gauntlets. Their barb became a powerful focus for good and gave them great benefit and protection against the forces of darkness.

Eventually, In the late Second epic, the Valden order joined with the Knights of Vasteel. There is still to this day the honorary title of Valden Priest among the Knights for persons of exceptional merit and principle.


When you deal attack damage against a creature with an evil alignment, deal your maximum damage. Additionally, whenever you heal another creature, add an additional 8 hit point if the creature has a good alignment.   

Rarity: Very Rare

Type: armor

Requires: Attunement, Good Alignment

Category: Magic Items

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