Ax of the Altar

After the Chapel of Life was destroyed during the Southern Invasion, The Knights Vanguard—predecessors to the Knights of Vasteel—recovered the ancient altar and forged axes, swords, and shields from the holy dais. The weapons were given to valiant leaders and scattered across the nation to defend the infant kingdom from destruction.

A century later, the Chapel of Life was rebuilt, and a heavenly proclamation was given to return the weapons to their rightful place at the altar. Over the years, eight of them have been recovered by brave warriors who faced incredible hardship and accomplishing much good during their quest. The weapon and a record of the bearer’s righteous deeds are sealed in the altar as a testament to the kingdom’s divine protection.  


While wielding this ax, you gain +3 to attack and damage rolls.

Additionally, This Ax has 4 charges. You can use an action to expend 1 or more of its charges to create a 15-foot aura that centers on you. The aura lasts for 1 minute (10 Rounds). Depending on how many charges you expend the aura will produce the following effect:

Aura of Truth (1 Charge)

A creature’s true nature becomes visible under the holy Aura of Truth. Each creature inside the aura learns the alignment of all other creatures inside the aura. Additionally, You and all friendly creatures gain a 1d4 bonus to Insight checks each turn started inside the aura.

Aura of Guidance (2 Charges)

A blessing descends on those inside the Aura of Guidance. You and all friendly creatures gain a 1d4 bonus to one ability check or attack roll of their choice each turn started inside the aura.

Aura of Life (3 Charges)

Devine energy pulses inside the Aura of Life mending wounds and healing bruises. You and all friendly creatures regain 1d4 Hit Points each turn started inside the aura.

The ax regains 1d4 expended charges daily at dawn after a morning prayer is spoken.

Type: Ax

Rarity: Legendary

Requires: Good Alignment

Magic Item Levels 

This weapon can optionally level up. Start the weapon with the 1st level feature and unlock more features as the player gains the favor of their gods.

1stAura of Truth2Uncommon
+1 to attack and damage rolls3Rare
3rdAura of Guidance3Rare
4thAura of Life4Very Rare
5th+2 to attack and damage rolls5Very Rare
6th+3 to attack and damage rolls6Legendary
Category: Magic Items

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