Birdwatcher’s Spyglass

Muda, a Gnome tinkerer, developed the Spyglass of Identification as a way to get an edge in a local bird-watching competition. It was so effective that she expanded the idea to identify thousands of creatures. When her work became public, the bird-watching games commission was furious. To them, the magical spyglass polluted their sport. They stripped Muda of her titles and banned her and the device from all sanctioned bird-watching events.


Objects viewed through this spyglass are magnified to twice their size. In addition, you may use an action to study a creature that is more than 60 feet away through the spyglass to learn its type and if it has any Resistance or Immunities. After identifying a creature’s type, you have advantage on perception checks for spotting all creatures of that type while looking through the spyglass during the next 24 hours. 

Type: Wondrous

Rarity: Uncommon

Category: Magic Items

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