Candle of Kojorn

Wondrous Item, Uncommon (Requires Attunement)

The Cultists of Kojorn use foul candles to shroud their rituals in darkness. When lit, these waxy tapers produce a thick black aura that slithers around the worshipers and seeps into their minds and hearts. To anyone unaccustomed to their ceremonies, the sensation can be maddening. 


You can use an action to light the Candle of Kojorn. Once it is lit, it casts Darkness in a 60-foot radius. While attuned to the Candle of Kojorn, you can see in darkness, both magical and non-magical, up to a distance of 60 feet. 

You can snuff out the candle as a free action in which case the magical darkness ends. The candle can remain alight for up to 1 hour before it runs out of wax.  

The Candle of Kojorn is cursed, a fact that is only revealed when an identify spell is cast on it, or you attune to it. After attuning to the candle, the curse will remain even if the candle is no longer with you. You have disadvantage on all Wisdom (perception) Checks while in bright light.

Category: Magic Items

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