Chalice of Nightmares

The Chalice of Nightmares is a magical relic designed by the Nasmathi, a brotherhood of dark wizards. It is used in their initiation rituals to insight hallucinations and visions of the monstrous being they worshiped. Initiates who drink from the cup and aren’t “enlightened” by its power are excommunicated from the brotherhood. 


Upon taking a single sip from this chalice, you are immediately afflicted with horrific nightmares. Make a DC 15 Wisdom check. On a successful roll, the visions pass from your mind, and you become fearless. You are immune to fear effects, magical or otherwise. You also discover the location of an enemy you are pursuing that has an evil alignment. 

On a failed roll, you must roll 1d6 and suffer the following effect: 

1You are afflicted with an indefinite madness (DMG p. 260). 
2-4You are afflicted with a long-term madness (DMG p. 260).
5-6You are afflicted with a short-term madness (DMG p. 259).

Type: Wondrous

Rarity: Very Rare

Category: Magic Items

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