Darkwood Sprig

Darkwood has traditionally been favored in wand construction by spellcasters that practice “dark” magic. From a strictly scientific perspective, there is no rationale for this. While Darkwood offers a considerable improvement in magic efficiency, there is no evidence that a person’s moral alignment offers any extra advantage. Undoubtedly it gets its reputation from its strange, twisted appearance.

For centuries, superstitious forest dwellers have destroyed the unsightly bush, but in recent years, a few progressive thinkers have started to break convention. Some ingenious devices have been crafted from the material, and forests around the kingdom are beginning to see a resurgence in growth.


While holding this sprig, you gain a +1 bonus to spell attack rolls. Additionally, you may recover 1d4 spent spell slots once per day.

While attuned to this item, if you or another member of your party fails a Deception, Intimidation, or Persuasion check the DM may choose to make the cause that you were perceived as a practitioner of dark arts.

Type: Wand

Rarity: Rare

Requires: Attunement, Spellcasting

Category: Magic Items

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