Dimlodir Lantern

In the dark mines of Dimlodir, light is a scarce resource, and the ancient race that once mined its deepest caverns were not the kind of folk that liked to share. Interestingly, this people that had such limited access to light became masters at manipulating and hoarding it. The Dimlodir Lantern is the most excellent example of their craftiness.


While lit, this lantern burns for 6 hours on 1 pint of oil, shedding bright light that is only visible to creatures within its 30-foot radius. Creatures outside of the range of light, continue to perceive the area and objects inside by whatever ambient light that would naturally be there.

Additionally, because of the magical aura created by the lantern, invisible creatures and objects are visible as long as they are in the lantern’s radius of light.

Any creature that uses sight as its primary sense must make a DC 15 constitution save when entering the Lantern’s radius of light from darkness. On a failed save, the creature is stunned for 6 seconds (one turn) while its eyes adjust to the magical light.

Rarity: Rare

Category: Magic Items

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