Durmon’s Padded Armor

During the Seige of Four Cities, an elite unit of bowmen (later known as Durmon’s Dozen) was organized to defend the walls of Vasteel. Lord Durmon repurposed many of his house’s magical heirlooms to craft and provision the soldiers with the best equipment the city could muster at the time.

Core to the bowmen’s outfit was their magically infused padded armor. Its primary purpose was to deflect enemy arrows, but because the pieces were hastily made from reused magical objects, they each manifested odd quirks.


While wearing this padded armor, any creature that attempts to attack you with a Ranged Attack has Disadvantage.

Additionally, each piece of armor has its own unique ability. After attuning it, you are granted an additional trait from the table below. You gain this effect as long as you are wearing the armor.

1A sweet aroma follows you wherever you go. You have Advantage when attempting to charm another creature. Creatures that use scent as a primary form of perception have Advantage when making Perception Checks against you.
2You can talk to horses and other similar creatures. You have Advantage when performing any Animal Handling Checks involving horses.
3You are able to sing glass-shatteringly high notes. Once per long rest, you can deafen all creatures within 30 feet of you for 10 minutes.
4You can eat and drink anything that can fit in your mouth without any adverse effects. Organic objects will be digested, and Solid objects will pass through in a day. While you are wearing the armor, your sense of taste is completely blocked.
You have an air of authority that gives you Advantage on Intimidation Checks. If you fail an Intimidation Check, it is a Critical Fail regardless of the number rolled.  
6You can change your hair and fingernail color on command, but while wearing the armor, neither can be their natural color.
7Your skin and complexion become smooth and glowing. You gain 8 temporary Hit Points that replenish every day at dawn. Creatures that attempt to charm you have Advantage.  
8An unseen reservoir of knowledge seeps into your mind from the armor and gives you Advantage on History, Religion, and Nature Checks. At the same time, the knowledge clouds your ability to empathize giving you Disadvantage on Insight Checks.
9Your penmanship becomes incredibly advanced. You have Advantage on Skill Check related to handwriting, forgery, and logography.   
10A shy group of pixies follows you around. Once per long rest, you can use an action to cast the Mage Hand Spell using the pixies in place of the spectral hand.  
11A cushion of air releases from beneath the armor whenever you take a hard fall. If you fall and would take damage, the damage is halved. The release of air occasionally misfires causing a low noise that could be wrongly interpreted as flatulence.
12You turn completely blue while wearing this armor.

Type: Padded Armor

Requires: Attunement

Rarity: Uncommon

Category: Magic Items

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