Fracture Bow

The concept for Fracture Bow’s was originally developed by builders looking for ways to quickly excavate hard, rocky ground in remote landscapes. Its use as a weapon was quickly realized and the Ilfelin High Princess commissioned three of the weapons for the royal legion.

At first glance, a Fracture Bow could be misidentified as an over-sized longbow. Picking it up, however, reveals its heft and imposing draw weight. The High Princess required her elite forces to do special strength training so that they could all handle the bow should the need arise. She also developed special tactics to hide an archer wielding the bow from attacks while the weapon charged its devastating strike.


When you make a ranged attack with this longbow, it deals an additional 1d8 Force damage.

Additionally, Instead of making a ranged attack with the Fracture Bow on your turn you can use an action to draw the bow. While the bow is drawn, you are unable to make any actions except to release the bow. If you take damage or if you move from your position, you release the bow without any effect.  

As an action, you can release the bow. When you do, choose a point up to 150 feet away. All creatures within a radius determined by the draw time must make a Strength Check. On a failed save, the creature takes full damage from the attack. If the creature is size large or smaller it is knocked prone. On a successful save, the creature takes half as much and remains upright.

At the start of each turn that the bow is drawn, you gain the following effects when the bow is released:

Draw TimeDamage RadiusDamage DiceSave DC
1 Turn5-foot radius1d10 force damageDC 13
2 Turns10-foot radius2d10 force damageDC 14
3 Turns15-foot radius3d10 force damageDC 15
4 Turns20-foot radius4d10 force damageDC 16
5 Turns25-foot radius5d10 force damageDC 17

Magic Item Levels

As an option, this weapon could level up as players grow in strength. Use the following table to level up the weapon.

LevelExtra Damage DiceMax Draw TimeRarity
2nd1d41 TurnRare
3rd1d62 TurnsRare
4th1d63 TurnsVery Rare
5th1d84 TurnsVery Rare
6th1d85 TurnsLegendary

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