Herald Lancer’s Armor of Faith

Armor, Very Rare (Requires Attunement, Good Alignment)

For elite combat troops that often find themselves in the fiercest parts of a battle, the Herald Lancers wear surprisingly little armor. Their protection comes from complete faith and devotion to Basion, the god of justice. The force of their trust is strong enough that it manifests as a soft aura. 

The little armor worn by the Lancers acts as a focus for their faith. It channels their divine energy into a glassy sheen that covers the vital parts of their body. The armor is so effective as a focus that it can be used by any devout souls to amplify holy protection; however, people with little faith or evil intentions that attempt to don the armor will find it to be brittle and flimsy.  


While attuned to this armor, your AC is 17 and cannot be reduced. Additionally, you gain the following abilities:

  • You can doff and don your armor as a free action. 
  • This armor doesn’t cause you to have disadvantage on stealth checks. 
  • As a reaction, you can reduce the amount of damage you take from a single attack by 1d8. 
  • Once per long rest, you can cast the shield of faith spell on another creature as a bonus action.
Category: Magic Items

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