Magwa’s statue

Being a collector of magical items has made me somewhat of a magnet for thieves. I’ve come up with all kinds of deterrents. This little “paperweight” is one of my favorites. To my delight, It vanished from my shelf many years ago. Every time I think about where it might have gone I chuckle.

The statue is made from a magical compound that at first glance looks like polished stone. On closer inspection, the material appears to slowly move and shifts. Over time it forms into different organic shapes. It may appear as a perfectly smooth ball, a twisted branch, or even the silhouette of a person. Just be careful not to touch it.


If Magwa’s Statue touches any living flesh, it adheres permanently to it. The statue can only be removed by the remove curse spell otherwise the effects end once the exposed flesh is no longer living.

Any attack roll or skill check that would use an exposed area is disadvantaged. If a creature touches or tries to remove the statue with more than one exposed limb or body part it also sticks to the statue. The creature becomes grappled, immobilized, or both depending on which extremities have become fused to the statue. If multiple creatures touch the statue with exposed flesh, they are permanently bound together.

Rarity: Very Rare

Category: Magic Items

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