Natlan Scale Mail

Dragons have received a lot of attention in the literature on magic.  So much so that many equally extraordinary beasts have gone unnoticed. Take for example Tactilia Crocodylus, a massive creature that stocks the Natlan Swamps. Its magic is most potent when it is young, so discarded scales are often collected from nests after the creature has (hopefully) moved on.

Tactilia Crocodylus don’t breath fire or fly, but they are stealthy hunters and expert swimmers. Their scales aren’t as tough as dragons, but then again you don’t have to wait for generations for them to harden.


While wearing this armor, you gain a +1 bonus to AC, you don’t have disadvantage on Stealth checks due to wearing scale armor, and your speed is not reduced when swimming.

Type: Scale Mail

Rarity: Rare

Category: Magic Items

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