Pontifical Shield

In the second epoch, High Priest Zorphran Frazibar became annoyed by the large coterie of guards and sentries that blocked the people’s view of him during his sermons. He commissioned sanctimonious shields that transform into large translucent walls to reduce visual obstructions during his speeches and increase protection. 

It most likely didn’t occur to Frazibar that the people didn’t want to see him. Most people who attended his holy lectures were held there at sword point. After executing 40 “faithless” beggars as a demonstration on the blessings of humility, his listeners revolted. Forcing their way past his holy blockade, they dragged Frazibar to the gallows. 


The Pontifical Shield has 5 charges. As an action, you can expend one or more of its charges. Doing so causes a 5-foot wide by 5-foot tall translucent wall to extend from the shield. Each additional charge increases the width and height by 5 feet. 

The wall is immune to all damage types and can only be moved up to 10 feet by making a successful DC 20 Strength Check. The wall must rest on a stable foundation; otherwise, the effect ends. As an action, the wall can be dismissed. If after 1 hour the wall is not dismissed, it returns to its normal size and falls to the ground if it is not being held.  

The shield regains 1d4 +1 charges every day at dawn.

Rarity: Uncommon

Category: Magic Items

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