Potions and Oils


Faith Booster

Drinking this potion causes you to fall into a deep trance for 5 minute. While in this state you are able to communicate with your divinity. If you do not believe in one specific deity, a random god will appear to you. If you do not believe in a god, make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw, suffering 2d10 Psychic damage on failure and half that on a success.

Rarity: Uncommon
Type: Potion

Potion of Rage

When you drink this potion, you go into a rage. You can drink this potion even if you don’t have the rage class creature.

Rarity: Rare
Type: Potion


W. Dee Twoscore’s Armor Oil

You can spend 5 minutes working this oil into medium or heavy armor. If you do, you do not have disadvantage when making stealth checks for 12 hours. Additionally, your armor appears impressively clean and polished.

Rarity: Uncommon
Type: Oil

Fury Fire

If exposed to air for more than a moment, this oil busts into flames. It burns white hot for 1 minute even if it is placed underwater or smothered.

You can use an action to throw the bottle up to 60′, and it will blow up in a 15′ radius sphere of flames. Each creature in the sphere must make a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw, suffering 6d8 fire damage on failure and half that on a success.

Rarity: Rare
Type: Potion

Sword Oil

This oil can be applied to one slashing weapon. Applying the oil takes 1 minute. For 1 hour, the coated item is magical and has a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls.

Rarity: Very Rare
Type: Potion

Category: Magic Items

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