Ring of Opening

For individuals with objectionable morals, a Ring of Opening would probably make their favorite item list for very different reasons than my own. For me, having a Ring of Opening has saved me the hassle of carrying a bulky set of keys everywhere I go. There’s a key to the carriage, garden shed, mailbox, faculty lounge, dessert pantry, and on and on. Not having to deal with that was worth the sizable investment to get my finger through one of these incredible trinkets.

Now, I’m no fool. As a culture, we love locking things up, but simple locks have never been more than a mild nuisance for expert thieves. Anything worth more than a Dwarf’s hammer I keep behind a few clever bits of magical trickery simply because I know I am not the only one that can pick a lock.  


As an action, you can press this ring against a non-magical lock and speak a command word. Doing so causes the lock to open undamaged. Attempting to open a magical lock or a lock larger than 6 inches will ruin the ring and render it permanently useless. 

Type: Trinket

Rarity: Rare

Category: Magic Items

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