Ring of the Masochist

Wondrous, Uncommon (Requires Attunement) 

The Ring of the Masochist operates off the principle that enough pain will make even the deepest wound feel insubstantial. For years street peddlers have been selling these instruments of torture as a way to cure disappear, heartbreak, and even addiction.  

This method of coping comes with notable risk. If the rings magic is overwhelmed (which can happen when dealing with intense trauma), it can leave the wearer exposed to mind numbing agony from both their injuries and ring’s bite. 


Once per day as an action, roll 1d8. If you roll 2-6, you can either roll another 1d8 or stop. If you stop, add up the dice and add the total to your hit points; otherwise, continue rolling dice up to a total of 6d8. If any of the dice rolls a 1, add up the dice and subtract the total from your hit points. In performing this action, you cannot exceed your hit point max or go below 0.    

If this ring is removed, you take 6d8 damage. 

Curse: The Ring of the Masochist is cursed, a fact that is only revealed when an identify spell is cast on it, or you attune to it. After attuning to it, the curse will remain even if you are no longer wearing it. You cannot use hit dice during a short rest.

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