Dungeon Explore Card Tiles


The Dungeon Explore Card Deck is a deck of 48 square tile cards each printed with detailed dungeon artwork. The cards use a 3×3 grid that can be interconnected by passageways and doorways to create an endless variety of combinations. Whether you play Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, or any other fantasy tabletop RPG system, this portable and affordable deck of cards will integrate right into your game.

Quick Encounters

Throw together a quick dungeon setting right in the middle of an adventure. With the deck on hand, sort through a few cards and whip up a battlefield in just a few minutes. If all you need is a grid, flip the cards over and use the generic grid on the back.

Preconfigured Dungeons

Before a game, work out the corridors of your dungeon using the Dungeon Explore Deck. Once the dungeon layout has been created, gather up the cards in order so they can be laid out in front of the players at the appropriate time.

Fog of War

Instead of laying out all of the dungeon tiles at once, reveal a tile only after a player explores it. This mode works great for infiltration missions.


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