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This beautifully designed card deck will change the way you manage your non-player characters for fantasy tabletop RPGs. It includes 52 unique illustrations that you can bring to the table to enhance your storytelling.

The human deck edition features knights, townsfolk, nobles and of course a bartender or two. It has everything you need to populate an intriguing fantasy world.

There is more than one way to use the deck. If you are a Game Master, you can use the images to help your players identify key figures in your campaign. If you are a player, you can use the images for your character avatar. With a little creativity, possibilities are endless.

Here are a few more ideas for using the deck:

  • Practice creating NPC ideas by drawing a card at random and making up a backstory.
  • Keep 3 villager NPC cards ready with side quest seeds to pull out during any game.
  • Use clear card sleeves to hold the cards and your notes.
  • Find creative ways to reuse the cards. For example, the bartender might have a “twin” in another city.
  • Show the cards to the party, and have them formulate some of the NPC’s mannerism.
  • Push yourself to include cards in your game that you think are odd or you don’t immediately resonate with.


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