Storm Crossbow

Outside the city limits of Vasteel, crossbows are a common sight. Priests of the Thunder Convent have taken a particular interest in the art of crossbow making. The weapons have become an essential tool in defending their mountaintop monastery.

The Storm Crossbow is a masterpiece of divine endowment and ingenuity. Travelers in the area have on many occasions confused the priests target practice with lightning storms.


When the Storm Crossbow is fired, a magical crackling projectile shoots towards the target. You gain a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls. On a hit, deal an extra 1d6 Lightning Damage.

This Storm Crossbow does not require ammunition, but the mechanism must be reset every time it fires like any other crossbow. All damage from the Storm Crossbow is considered Lightning Damage.

Type: Crossbow

Rarity: Rare

Category: Magic Items

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