The Spear of Austenhiem

When Jason, the Defender of Austenhiem, told the god Bastian that he would sacrifice all he had to defend the city from an invading army of orcs, the god gave him this spear to prove his commitment. 

When the invaders fell upon the city, Jason and his small force fought valiantly. They held the gates for six bloody days, but the orcs would not relent, and reinforcements would not come. 

By cover of darkness, Jason slipped out of the city and in a suicidal rush, he threw his spear into the heart Orog, the orc warboss. Morning came shortly after, and the warriors of Austenhiem were ready to battle. The orcs found the body of Jason next to their fallen leader and panicked. They fled from the siege and were harried by the city’s defenders until they crossed the Northern Mountains.  


Before making an attack with this weapon, you may subtract any number of your hit points up to your current amount of hit points. If the attack succeeds, add +2 radiant damage to your damage roll for each hit point you subtracted. Whether the attack succeeds or fails, you lose the hit points you elected to sacrifice.  

If subtracting your hit points would cause you to fall to 0 hit points, you die without a chance to be revived. You are immediately taken to the presence of your deity, and the story of your death becomes legend within a year. Bards and poets sing your name forevermore.

If you die without sacrificing hit points while attuned to this weapon, your name is forever shamed, and you immediately become a wraith.          

Rarity: Legendary

Requires: Attunement 

Category: Magic Items

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