Veiled Arrows

The Shangees nomads by themselves are unbelievable marksmen, but their deadly Veiled Arrows make them some of the most feared sharpshooters in the kingdom.

A few small charms added to the shafts of their arrows store a tiny amount of magic that can cause the ammunition to go transparent. Distant targets have little hope of finding shelter from a Shangees volley.     


You can speak a command word to cause a Veiled Arrow to become invisible. While it is invisible, you have advantage on ranged attack rolls made with it.

Veiled Arrows will remain invisible for 10 minutes after the command word is spoken or until they hit a target. After they are used, they are no longer magical.

Two Veiled Arrow can be used to build a trap with a DC of 10. If the arrows are invisible, the DC is 20. The trap deals 2d10 piercing damage if it is triggered.

Rarity: Uncommon

Type: Arrows

Category: Magic Items

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