Wall Halberd

Weapon (Halberd), Uncommon

Every year, the Vasteel City Council issues several design challenges that inventors can compete for. The ideas that are chosen receive handsome contacts and funding. The Wall Halberd is a design that came about because of one such contract commissioned for the City Wall Guards. The challenge was to create a weapon that could extend the reach of the soldiers posted on the parapets.

Wendi Sherm, an unknown woodcarver, won the contract. Her revolutionary and cost-effective technique for creating extendible halberds propelled her into the center stage Vasteel’s community of magical artificers.   


As a bonus action, you can lengthen this halberd and extend the reach to 30 feet. While your halberd is extended, you gain +1 to attack and damage rolls, but you cannot make opportunity attacks, and attack rolls against you have advantage. You can use a bonus action to retract the halberd and bring it back to its regular length.

Category: Magic Items

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