Wand of Ashtok

The Wizard Knights of Ashtok who protected the Eastern border during the second epic were said to be fearsome spellcasters. They carried powerful wands that captured and stored the natural magical auras around them. Tapping into the collected energy could unleash devastating effects.

The captured magic becomes so distilled that when the wands are fully charged, those around them can feel magical currents. It is said that this effect offered allies in arms enhanced clarity and focus. This incidentally is the origin of the colloquialism “I’m with Ashtok.”

While the history and battles of the Wizard Knights of Ashtok is all well and good. What I find even more fascinating is that their charged wands attract the Evanescet Tineidae, a rare type of moth that can phase shift. I saw a Wand of Ashtok on display when I was a boy. I will never forget the shimmering pop of the moths as the slipped between planes.


A Wand of Ashtok has 5 charges. After casting a spell that would cause damage, you can expend a charge to double the damage dice you roll.

While the wand has all 6 of its charges, when you or a friendly creature within 5 feet of you rolls a 1 on any die, reroll the die. The new roll must be used. The wand gains 1d4 charges every day at dawn.

Rarity: Very Rare

Type: Arcane

Requires: Attunement, Spellcasting

Category: Magic Items

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