Cold Box

Necromancy is outlawed in the Vast Kingdom which technically includes Cold Boxes (the slang term for a necro-preservative magic device), yet you can find them in just about every herbal shop and medicine store. This may have something to do with every high lord and lady in the upper courts having one of these little medallions stowed away somewhere on their person.

While the magic is suspicious, the concept is simple. If you die, the Cold Box locks your soul into your body and prevents your corpse from stinking and rotting. What very few people consider is the cost and trouble of actually being raised from the dead.  


If you die and you are either wearing a Cold Box, or it is placed on you before 1 minute has elapsed, your body is protected from decay and can’t become undead. The Cold Box also extends the time limit on raising you from the dead from spells such as Raise Dead.

While you are in this state, you cannot make any skill checks, but your spirit can communicate softly through the Cold Box.  

The effect lasts for 10 days or until the Cold Box is taken off. If after that you have not been brought to life or you have not received a new Cold Box, your body immediately starts to decay.  

Rarity: Uncommon

Type: Trinket

Category: Magic Items

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