Mithral Toe Boots

Wondrous (Boots), Rare (requires attunement)

There is not a race more cognizant of foot health than the Dwarves of Dimlodir. They will spend as much time with a cobbler as they will with a blacksmith when fitting a new suit of armor. Their effort pays off. I never once hear a dwarf complain about sore feet while traveling in the mines. 

Mithral Toe boots–while expensive and difficult to find–come highly recommended by many dwarves. They provide a superior level of protection while not sacrificing comfort. They require about two weeks to break in, but afterward, you’ll never need another pair of boots. 


While wearing these boots, you have a +1 bonus to AC. Additionally, you gain the following abilities: 

  • Once per long rest, you can stomp the ground. All creatures within a 15-foot radius must succeed on a DC 15 strength save or be knocked prone. 
  • All stone or rocky areas that would be considered difficult terrain counts as normal terrain. 
  • You can travel through mines, caves, and rocky mountains without suffering the effects of exhaustion.

After you attune to these boots, no other creature can attune to them. They are permanently shaped to your feet, and are unbearable for any other creature to wear. 

Category: Magic Items

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